Veronika Voss  1982  Fassbinder
The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant 1973

妻は告白する 1961 増村保造

肉体の門  鈴木清順

満月の夜  エリック・ロメール

-----Ernst Lunitsch Retrospective @ Film Forum-------
Carmen 1918

The Oyster Princess 1919

The MArrige Circle 1924

Lady Vindermere's Fan  1925

Eternal Love 1929

The Love  Parade 1929

Monte Carlo 1930

The Smiling Leutenant 1931

One Hour With You 1932

Trouble In Paradise 1932

Ninochika 1939

Cluny Brown 1946

Angel 1937

Shop Around The Corner 1940

To Be or not To Be  1942

----- Nicholas Ray Retrospective @ MoMA----------------
They Live By Night 1947

A Woman's Secret 1949

In The Lonely Place 1950

On Dangerous Ground   1950

Johnny Guitar 1954

Rebel Without Cause 1955

Bigger Than Life 1956

Hot Blood 1956

The True Story of Jesse James 1957

Wind Across The Everglades 1958

King of Kings 1961

55 Days in Peking 1963

Lighting Over water/ Wenders 1979
American Friend / Wenders

The Big Heat   1953 Lang
Reckless Moment   Max Oplus

Respiro by Emanuele Crialese

Raising Victor Vargas

Te Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Leone, 1967)

Easter  Parade  Charles Walters   (Fred Astaire & Judy Garland. Producer: Arthur Freed)
The Barkleys on Broadway (Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Producer: Arthur Freed)

西鶴一代女  溝口健二

霧の中の風景  theo angloplos    1988 125分

Une femme est une femme.  1961  JLG

Jack Knife Man  涙の舟唄 1920 キング・ヴィダー

TEN   kirostami

The Man Without the Past  2002 Kaurismaki
Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana. 1994


Il Conformist 1970 Beltorucci

Toni 1935  Renoir
The Southerners 1945  Renoir


Unknown Pleasure

Russian Ark 2002

M  Friz Lang


害虫 塩田明彦

アカルイミライ 黒沢清

Hustle  Aldorich

HHH  Olivie Assyas

The Exocist 1973

Iron Horse  1920 Ford
周遊する蒸気船 Steamboat round the bent

The Quiet Man

Lost In Tranlation
Sophia Coppola

秋津温泉 吉田喜重


Bad Company / Benton



Manhunter    1990 Michael Mann

Far From Heaven  2002 Todd Haynes
Swimming Pool   2003 Francois Ozn

Man On the Train  2003  Patoris Reconte

Friday Night / Clare Danis
Winged Migration

Station Agent / Tom MacCarthy

The Hours

Attitude / Rob Nilson 2003

Touch Of Evil   Orson Welles

Time Without Pity  Joseph Losey 1957

Matrix Reloaded 2003
Matchstick Man / Ridley Scott 2003

September 11

Zabriski Point/  Antonioni


Matchstick Man/ Ridley Scott

Boris Barnet
Bluest Sea

A Girl With A Hat Box


Aki Kaurismaki
Take Care Of your Scarf, Tatiana

Man Without the Past

Floating Cloud


Mystic River






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