Atsushi Funahashi
Director & Writer

Atsushi Funahashi is from Osaka, Japan and graduated from Tokyo University with a B.A. in cinema studies. Utilizing his cinema criticism background, he wrote and directed short films and documentaries in Tokyo. After receiving scholarships, he went to study film directing at the School of Visual Arts in 1997, where he made a couple of narrative fictions. In 1999 he has established Village Productions with Alyssa Jo Black and Eric Van Den Brulle in order to create independent film homebase out of commercial studios. His debut feature “echoes” was well-received by critics & film festivals including three Jury & Audience Awards at Annonay International Film Festival in France and nominated for High Hope Award at the Munich International Film Festival. The film has been theatrically distributed in the US by Arrow Entertainment, New York based art film distributor. ECHOES has been also distributed in Japan by Slow Learner, Inc, Tokyo. Atsushi has also directed several HDTV documentaries for NHK, Japan’s public broadcasting, on social issues and ethnic culture of New York City. This year he has been alone selected by Japanese government’s Agency of Cultural Affairs for its 2-year overseas grant program to develop his 2nd directorial feature Big River. This project was also selected for the Berlinale Co-Production Market at the Berlin Film Festival and for the Project Involve, a support program for minority filmmakers by Independent Feature Project, New York.

Also as a film critic Atsushi has been enthusiastically writing articles for Japanese film/art critic magazines such as 10+1, Kinema-Junpo, and Eureka.

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